Are we allowed to leave our homes?
As per police, and our Prime Minister’s instruction, we are permitted to continue to exercise and get fresh air. A 2 metre distance is to be enforced and please do not interact with any bears. Stay in your bubble and stay safe. Please wave to those you see along the way. We are all in this together. Your smile and wave could help someone get through the day.

I’m feeling overwhelmed with the isolation, what can I do?
Please reach out to those organisations that can help. Look on our Need Support page for more information.

Can I place something other than a teddy?
We love seeing all the creative ideas people are coming up with. Rainbows, artwork, special notes. Stay safe and don’t encourage interaction and you can place what ever is going to bring smiles along the way.

Can I change my bear’s name?
Yes! Click on your pinned paw print and you can update your teddy’s name, how it is feeling and load photos to the gallery.

What if I live down a long driveway?
You could draw a chalk bear on your fence, decorate your pathway with a chalk drawing or pop your wee friend on your letterbox.