Want to join the New Zealand Bear Hunt Initiative?

It’s simple – here’s what you need to do.

How does it work

Put a teddy bear in your window facing the road and as people are out getting fresh air and exercise, they can enjoy the bears around their neighbourhood.

Pin your address so we know where you are and like our Facebook page NZ Bear Hunt to stay up to date throughout this uncertain time in New Zealand.

Kia Kaha.

The NZ Bear Hunt is for your local streets, we are not encouraging travel across town to view other streets. We are permitted and encouraged to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air but must keep a two-metre distance from others. Please don’t go driving around for your hunt, but if you are on your way to essential services – make sure you keep an eye out for new bears!

Latest News

What’s the future look like for NZ Bear Hunt? Watch the founder, Deb Hoffman share our plans below.

The Story Behind the New Zealand Bear Hunt

I’m married to Greg Hoffman, have two girls Abby (11), and Amara (9). As a family we are enjoying the extra quality time together, getting outside and seeing all the new bears that are popping up everyday, going for bike rides, playing games and eating far too much baking.

If we can just get people outside into the fresh air and sunshine, then we know this will have a huge positive impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing. Being able to get outside and reset is crucial at times like these”. Deb Hoffman

With our nation and the world finding ourselves in such uncertain times, I knew that connection, bringing joy and kindness would be a welcome distraction in a time of isolation and forced disconnect.

What began as a little idea on a Sunday afternoon, has turned into a nationwide movement (heading global) with thousands taking part. The simple concept is to put a teddy bear or toy in a window facing the street, to pin your bear on the map and explore your neighbourhood for those houses taking part.

This phenomenon, the NZ Bear Hunt, has taken off simply because of the genuine nature of Kiwis throughout the world who know the importance of reaching out to others in times of crisis.

Having journeyed through the Christchurch earthquakes and seen the city and country devasted by other tragic events in recent years, I know the importance of connection, vulnerability and supporting mental health and wellbeing in times of uncertainty.

Adding the teddy bear hunt into this has made something important into a fun and community-oriented activity, bringing joy and delight to all ages within the limitations set by the lockdown.

Our hope is that you too, will get some enjoyment out of this initiative.